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Magic Bomb Cupcake- 

A lovely combination of bakery-like, lavender & vanilla extract. Heaven in your bathroom when you unwrap this. 

Separate frosting from bath bomb base and hold frosting under running tub water to create a bubble bath. Then enter your water-filled bathtub, drop the bath bomb in the tub and enjoy your spa-like experience!

Pink Romance-

This bath bomb is super sexy, sensual, enticing, and will send your bathroom into romance overload.

Tropical Getaway-

The name itself should make you want it, but this bath bomb will help you escape on a tropical getaway guarenteed

Juicy Watermelon-

Contains the juicy and refreshing element of watermelons without the hassle of seeds ;)

Rejuvenate (Unisex)-

Like a rushing stream of super fresh and rejuvenating

Mystery Fruit-

Guess which one of your favorite fruity cereals this smells like....

Strawberry Dream-

A strawberry lovers dream