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Do you struggle with vaginal dryness? Bad odor? Want tighter vagina walls? Tired of getting yeast infections? Is your PH Balance off? Just had a baby? Want to add some spice to your sex life? Want to cause your man to drown? Then the Magic Yoni is for you. This amazing pill that you insert in your vagina and let it dissolve and it will make sure you NEVER have a problem with any of the listed issues ever again.




- Odorless, tighter, and juicier vaginas 

- No after sex odor 

- You can be super spontaneous when it comes to sex because you won’t leave an odor behind like normal

- Results within 4-8 hours 

- Results last 2-4 weeks 

- Excellent to use at the end of your menstrual cycle 

- Excellent for constant yeast infections 

- Excellent for women who struggle with BV

- You only need 1-3 pills per month



• Bamboo Salt

• Celtic Sea Salt

• Mineral Salt Mix 

• Vegetable Capsules 

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