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Ready to have your Yoni CLEAN, Tasty, SMOOTH AND WET?💦 You need the Slip N Slide Yoni Scrub 🤪This amazing sugar based scrub will have you in PARADISE 🏝 This scrub can be used ALL over your body to exfoliate all the dead skin build up, BUT also gentle enough for your Yoni 🥰 ( NEVER PUT INSIDE VAGINA ) Great to use with: Magic Yoni & Magic Yoni Soap / Detox Yoni Bar 🧼

What you get:

 8 OZ of scrub in a jar (not mason hinged jars anymore) 💕☺️ W/ Mini Spoon 🥄 



  • exfoliates dead skin
  • prevents razor bumps
  • great for before and after waxing & shaving
  • eliminates odor
  • leaves body smooth and hydrated


KEY Ingredients:

  • Vegan Sugar
  • Glycerin
  • Grape-Seed Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Essential Oil Blend




Apply Scrub in Shower or Bath to wet skin for GENTLE exfoliation.

Apply scrub to dry/damp skin for a more rough exfoliation ( if you haven’t scrubbed in awhile OR if you have a lot of dead skin build up ) Scrub in a circular motion

Use mini spoon to mix the scrub before use

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